Adonis Polymer Manufacturer of Building Products



Adonis Polymer Company is founded in 2004 with the purpose of research, design and production of special polymer concrete. After constant efforts of experts and experienced engineers of Adonis polymer, the company was able to design and produce highly resistant polymer concrete for the first time in 2007. Afterward, the company began to design and produce systems of collecting and redirecting surface water using polymer concrete, which was immediately used in various industries. It should be noted that polymer concrete and all produced parts of this company have been registered in Iran industrial property is completely exclusive. 

After the success achieved in the industry of collecting and redirecting the surface waters by Adonis Polymer, the company decided to offer its own polymer concrete to the construction products industry, so it began
its research in the construction products industry since 1386 and made very special and resistant construction stone in 1390.
All products manufactured by the company are under the license and supervision of Globmarble of United States of America. Globmarble Company is one of the largest companies in the construction products industry in the world that exclusively cooperate with Adonis Polymer in the Middle East. Superior technical knowledge of United States of America with expertise of experienced engineers of this company has led the construction products of Adonis Polymer Company took the first place in the Middle East.
Stones manufactured by Adonis Polymer Company enjoy the largest range of models and colors (41 different models) in all forms (facades, floors, decorative, antique, etc.) in the country.
Characteristics and advantages of stones manufactured by this company:

1. Polymer concrete compressive strength made these stones is 100 mega Pascal (1000 Kg/Cm2), which is unique of its kind in the country. (It should be noted that polymer concrete manufactured by the company has a technical certificate from the Research Laboratories of Road, Housing and Urban Development, as well as geotechnical laboratory of Tehran Municipality).
2. High resistance in frost cycle (weight loss of polymer concrete made these stones in frost test is 0.11 Kg/m2)
3. Water Absorption of a polymer concrete is very low in these stones. (2%)
4. Depth of water penetrability in polymer concrete made the stones is very low (2mm) that makes this stone highly durable.
5. All stone products are manufactured in Iran with concrete pigments. The pigments after mixing with concrete greatly reduce its resistance. Solving this problem, Adonis Polymer Company manufactures its own stones with colored polymers using the latest technology used in the United States of America. These colored polymers not only do not reduce the resistance of concrete but also make it more resistant by creating highly specific chemical reactions in concrete. Also due to the compatibility of these polymers with transmission area of polymer concrete, color lifespan of stones Adonis Polymer Company against sun UV and acid rain is very high. (Over 25 years)
6. Due to the very low water absorption of these stones, no dirt and dust will not stick to them over time that this characteristic make double the stones’ beauty
7. High resistance against abrasion
8. Resistance to acids due to the used polymers
9. For each model of these stones, Corner Stone are also produced for wall angles which have led to a lot of beautiful stones after they are installed.
10. Due to immense variety of models and colors of these stones, these products can be used anywhere (both exterior and interior decoration).
11. Due to immense variety of models and colors of these stones, all the demands of an architect with different interests are met.
Technical Engineering Services of Adonis Polymer Company:
Interior decoration and building facade designing by artist and experienced engineers of Adonis polymer Company
Orders of stones’ colors by Customers and special offers by the Technical Engineering Group of the company to customers